Renesas is an official partner of LVGL. Therefore, LVGL contains built-in support for Dave2D (the GPU of Renesas)

Renesas 是 LVGL 的官方合作伙伴。因此,LVGL 包含对 Dave2D 的内置支持( Renesas 的 GPU)和 LVGL 还托管即用型 Renesas 项目。



Dave2D is capable of accelerating most of the drawing operations of LVGL:

  • Rectangle drawing, even with gradients

  • Image drawing, scaling, and rotation

  • Letter drawing

  • Triangle drawing

  • Line drawing

As Dave2D works in the background, the CPU is free for other tasks. In practice, during rendering, Dave2D can reduce the CPU usage by half or to one-third, depending on the application.

Dave2D 能够加速 LVGL 的大部分绘图操作:

  • 矩形绘制,即使有渐变

  • 图像绘制、缩放和旋转

  • 字母图画

  • 三角形画法

  • 画线

由于 Dave2D 在后台运行,因此 CPU 可用于其他任务。实际上,在渲染过程中,Dave2D 可以将 CPU 使用率减少一半或三分之一,具体取决于应用程序。

Certified boards(认证板)


LVGL has certified one Renesas board so far (more will come soon).

到目前为止,LVGL 已 认证 一块瑞萨电子主板(很快就会有更多主板)。

Get started with the Renesas ecosystem(开始使用瑞萨电子生态系统)


The official IDE of Renesas is called e² studio. As it's Eclipse-based, it runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac as well.

To get started, just download and install e² studio.

Renesas 的官方 IDE 名为 e² studio 。由于它基于 Eclipse,因此也可以在 Windows、Linux 和 Mac 上运行。

首先,只需下载并安装 e²studio。

Getting started with LVGL(LVGL 入门)


LVGL provides a ready-to-use project for the [EK-RA8D1](https://www.renesas.com/us/en/products/microcontrollers-microprocessors/ra-cortex-m-mcus/ek-ra8d1-evaluation-kit-ra8d1-mcu-group) development board. Its main features from the HMI's point of view are:

  • 480MHz, Arm Cortex®-M85 core

  • 2MB Code Flash, 1MB SRAM

  • MIPI DSI & Parallel Graphics Expansion Ports

  • 4.5 Inch backlit TFT display, 16.7M display colors

  • 480x854 pixels resolution

To get a ready-to-use project, clone the lv_renesas repository:

After that, Import lv_ek_ra8d1 into e² studio, build the project, and flash it.

Note that on the SW1 DIP switch (middle of the board) 7 should be ON, all others are OFF.

LVGL 为 [EK-RA8D1] 提供了一个即用型项目( https://www.renesas.com/us/en/products/microcontrollers-microprocessors/ra-cortex-m-mcus/ek-ra8d1-evaluation -kit-ra8d1-mcu-group ) 开发板。从HMI的角度来看,其主要特点是:

  • 480MHz,Arm Cortex®-M85 内核

  • 2MB 代码闪存、1MB SRAM

  • MIPI DSI 和并行图形扩展端口

  • 4.5 英寸背光 TFT 显示屏,1670 万种显示颜色

  • 480x854 像素分辨率

要获得现成的项目,请克隆 lv_renesas 存储库:

..code:: shell

git clone https://github.com/lvgl/lv_renesas.git --recurse-submodules

之后,将 lv_ek_ra8d1 导入到e²studio中,构建项目并刷新它。

请注意, SW1 DIP 开关(板中间)7 应为 ON,所有其他开关均为 OFF。

Modify the project(修改项目)

Open a demo(打开演示)


In LVGL_thread_entry, the demos are automatically enabled based on the settings in lv_conf.h.

You can disable all demos (or just comment them out) and call some lv_example_...() functions, or add your custom code.

LVGL_thread_entry 中,演示会根据 lv_conf.h 中的设置自动启用。

您可以禁用所有演示(或只是将其注释掉)并调用某些 lv_example_...() 函数,或添加自定义代码。


  • lv_conf.h contains the most important settings for LVGL. Namely:

  • LV_COLOR_DEPTH to set LVGL's default color depth

  • LV_MEM_SIZE to set the maximum RAM available for LVGL

  • LV_USE_DAVE2D to enable the GPU

configuration.xml contains the settings for the board and the MCU. By opening this file, all the hardware and software components can be customized in a visual way.

  • lv_conf.h 包含 LVGL 最重要的设置。即:

  • LV_COLOR_DEPTH 用于设置 LVGL 的默认颜色深度

  • LV_MEM_SIZE to 用于设置 LVGL 可用的最大 RAM

  • LV_USE_DAVE2D 用于启用 GPU 配置.

  • configuration.xml 包含板和 MCU 的设置。通过打开该文件,可以以可视化方式自定义所有硬件和软件组件。



In case of an problems or questions open an issue in the lv_renesas repository.

如果出现问题或疑问,请在 lv_renesas 存储库中提出问题。