RT-Thread RTOS

What is RT-Thread?(RT-Thread是什么?)


RT-Thread is an open source, neutral, and community-based real-time operating system (RTOS). RT-Thread has Standard version and Nano version. For resource-constrained microcontroller (MCU) systems, the Nano version that requires only 3 KB Flash and 1.2 KB RAM memory resources can be tailored with easy-to-use tools. For resource-rich IoT devices, RT-Thread can use the online software package management tool, together with system configuration tools, to achieve intuitive and rapid modular cutting, seamlessly import rich software packages; thus, achieving complex functions like Android's graphical interface and touch sliding effects, smart voice interaction effects, and so on.

RT-Thread 是一个开源 https://github.com/RT-Thread/rt-thread 中立、基于社区的实时操作系统(RTOS)。 RT-Thread有 标准版Nano版。 对于资源受限的微控制器(MCU)系统,Nano版只需要3 KB的Flash和1.2 KB的RAM内存资源,并可使用易于使用的工具进行定制。 对于资源丰富的IoT设备,RT-Thread可以使用 在线软件包管理工具系统配置工具,实现直观的快速模块化切割,无缝导入丰富的软件包; 从而实现像Android的图形界面和触摸滑动效果、智能语音交互效果等复杂功能。

Key features(主要特点)

  • Designed for resource-constrained devices, the minimum kernel requires only 1.2KB of RAM and 3 KB of Flash.

  • A variety of standard interfaces, such as POSIX, CMSIS, C++ application environment.

  • Has rich components and a prosperous and fast growing package ecosystem

  • Elegant code style, easy to use, read and master.

  • High Scalability. RT-Thread has high-quality scalable software architecture, loose coupling, modularity, is easy to tailor and expand.

  • Supports high-performance applications.

  • Supports all mainstream compiling tools such as GCC, Keil and IAR.

  • Supports a wide range of architectures and chips

  • 专为资源受限的设备设计,最小内核仅需1.2KB的RAM和3 KB的Flash。

  • 具有多种标准接口,如POSIX、CMSIS、C++应用环境。

  • 拥有丰富的组件和繁荣且快速发展的 软件包生态系统

  • 代码风格优雅,易于使用、阅读和掌握。

  • 高度可扩展。RT-Thread具有高质量的可扩展软件架构,耦合度低,模块化,易于定制和扩展。

  • 支持高性能应用。

  • 支持所有主流的编译工具,如GCC、Keil和IAR。

  • 支持广泛的 架构和芯片

How to run LVGL on RT-Thread?(如何在RT-Thread上运行LVGL)



LVGL has registered as a softwarepackage of RT-Thread. By using Env tool or RT-Thread Studio IDE, RT-Thread users can easily download LVGL source code and combine with RT-Thread project.


LVGL已在RT-Thread中注册为 软件包 通过使用 Env工具RT-Thread Studio IDE, RT-Thread用户可以轻松下载LVGL源代码并将其与RT-Thread项目结合。


RT-Thread community has port LVGL to several BSPs:




QEMU simulator

Infineon psoc6-evaluationkit-062S2

Visual Studio simulator

Renesas ra6m3-ek

Nuvoton numaker-iot-m487

Renesas ra6m4-cpk

Nuvoton numaker-pfm-m487

Renesas ra6m3-hmi

Nuvoton nk-980iot

STM32H750 ART-Pi

Nuvoton numaker-m2354

STM32F469 Discovery

Nuvoton nk-n9h30

STM32F407 explorer

Nuvoton numaker-m032ki

STM32L475 pandora

Nuvoton numaker-hmi-ma35d1

NXP imxrt1060-evk

Nuvoton numaker-iot-m467

Raspberry PICO

Nuvoton numaker-m467hj


synwit swm341