This is a summary for planned new features and a collection of ideas. This list indicates only the current intention and it can be changed.


See #2790


  • Reconsider color format management for run time color format setting, and custom color format usage. (Also RGB888)

  • Make gradients more versatile

  • Image transformations matrix

  • Switch to RGBA colors in styles

  • Consider direct binary font format support

  • Simplify groups. Discussion is here.

  • lv_mem_alloc_aligned(size, align)

  • Text node. See #1701

  • CPP binding. See Forum

  • Optimize font decompression

  • Need static analyze (via or something else)

  • Support dot_begin and dot_middle long modes for labels

  • Add new label alignment modes. #1656

  • Support larger images: #1892

  • Curved text on path

  • Variable binding improvements like Redux?

  • Functional programming support, pure view? See here

  • Circle layout. See #2871