Set-up a project(设置项目)

Get the library(获取LVGL图形库)


LVGL is available on GitHub:

You can clone it or download the latest version of the library from GitHub.

The graphics library itself is the lvgl directory which should be copied into your project.

LVGL 可在 GitHub 上获得:

您可以克隆它或从 GitHub 下载最新版本的库。

图形库本身是 lvgl 目录,应将其复制到您的项目中。

Configuration file(修改配置文件)


There is a configuration header file for LVGL called lv_conf.h. In this you can set the library's basic behavior, disable unused modules and features, adjust the size of memory buffers in compile-time, etc.

Copy lvgl/lv_conf_template.h next to the lvgl directory and rename it to lv_conf.h. Open the file and change the #if 0 at the beginning to #if 1 to enable its content.

lv_conf.h can be copied to another place as well but then you should add LV_CONF_INCLUDE_SIMPLE define to your compiler options (e.g. -DLV_CONF_INCLUDE_SIMPLE for gcc compiler) and set the include path manually. In this case LVGL will attempt to include lv_conf.h simply with #include "lv_conf.h".

In the config file comments explain the meaning of the options. Be sure to set at least LV_COLOR_DEPTH according to your display's color depth.

有一个名为 lv_conf.h 的 LVGL 配置头文件。在这里,您可以设置库的基本行为、禁用未使用的模块和功能、在编译时调整内存缓冲区的大小等。

复制 lvgl 目录旁边的 lvgl/lv_conf_template.h 并将其重命名为 lv_conf.h。打开文件并将开头的“#if 0”更改为“#if 1”以启用其内容。

lv_conf.h 也可以复制到另一个地方,但是你应该添加 LV_CONF_INCLUDE_SIMPLE 定义到你的编译器选项(例如 -DLV_CONF_INCLUDE_SIMPLE 用于 gcc 编译器)并手动设置包含路径。 在这种情况下,LVGL 将尝试使用 #include "lv_conf.h" 简单地包含 lv_conf.h




To use the graphics library you have to initialize it and the other components too. The order of the initialization is:

  1. Call lv_init().

  2. Initialize your drivers.

  3. Register the display and input devices drivers in LVGL. Lear more about Display and Input device registration.

  4. Call lv_tick_inc(x) every x milliseconds in an interrupt to tell the elapsed time. Learn more.

  5. Call lv_timer_handler() every few milliseconds to handle LVGL related tasks. Learn more.


  1. 调用lv_init()

  2. 初始化您的驱动程序。

  3. 在 LVGL 中注册显示和输入设备驱动程序。详细了解 DisplayInput device 注册。

  4. 在中断中每隔 x 毫秒调用 lv_tick_inc(x) 以告知经过的时间。 了解更多

  5. 每隔几毫秒调用lv_timer_handler()来处理LVGL相关的任务。 了解更多