Operating system and interrupts(操作系统和中断)


LVGL is not thread-safe by default.

However, in the following conditions it's valid to call LVGL related functions:

  • In events. Learn more in Events.

  • In lv_timer. Learn more in Timers.

默认情况下,LVGL 非线程安全

但是,在以下情况下调用 LVGL 相关函数是有效的:

  • 事件中。在 事件 中了解更多信息。

  • lv_timer 中。在 计时器 中了解更多信息。

Tasks and threads(任务和线程)


If you need to use real tasks or threads, you need a mutex which should be invoked before the call of lv_timer_handler and released after it. Also, you have to use the same mutex in other tasks and threads around every LVGL (lv_...) related function call and code. This way you can use LVGL in a real multitasking environment. Just make use of a mutex to avoid the concurrent calling of LVGL functions.

如果你需要使用真正的任务或线程,你需要一个互斥锁,它应该在调用 lv_timer_handler 之前被调用并在它之后释放。 此外,您必须在每个 LVGL (lv_...) 相关函数调用和代码周围的其他任务和线程中使用相同的互斥锁。 这样你就可以在真正的多任务环境中使用 LVGL。只需使用互斥锁来避免并发调用 LVGL 函数。



Try to avoid calling LVGL functions from interrupt handlers (except lv_tick_inc() and lv_disp_flush_ready()). But if you need to do this you have to disable the interrupt which uses LVGL functions while lv_timer_handler is running. It's a better approach to set a flag or some value and periodically check it in an lv_timer.

尽量避免从中断处理程序调用 LVGL 函数(除了 lv_tick_inc()lv_disp_flush_ready())。但是如果你需要这样做,你必须在 lv_timer_handler 运行时禁用使用 LVGL 函数的中断。 设置一个标志或某个值并在 lv_timer 中定期检查它是一种更好的方法。